Can I stay on my parent's car insurance if I move to a different state?

If you move across state lines, you can stay on your parents' car insurance policy in several specific situations.

Can I stay on my parent's car insurance if I move to a different state?

You may be able to stay on your parent's policy if you move to a different state, but it depends on your specific situation.

When can you stay on your parent's auto insurance when you move to a different state?

There are two common situations where it's a good idea to stay on your parent's policy, even when you move states:

  1. You regularly drive their car. If you move just over the border and borrow their car a lot or you visit them frequently and drive, you should stay on their policy. This is because car insurance covers "permissive use" which means occasionally loaning someone your car but does not cover "regular use" for drivers not listed on the policy.
  2. You are temporarily living away from home and don't own a car. Since your parent's home is still your permanent address, you're a household resident and can stay on their policy. And you should if you ever drive since the policy will usually provide coverage if you rent or borrow a car.

When do you need to get off your parent's insurance policy if you move to another state?

  1. You've moved permanently. Once you have your own home, unless you're driving your parents' car frequently, you can't be on their policy. This is because you are no longer a household member. If you are buying your own car, check out our guide to car insurance for first-time car buyers. If you don't have a car, read more on why maintaining your insurance history can be a good idea, and our guide to non owner car insurance.
  2. You buy a car. In this case, you need to get your own policy, regardless of where you live.

If now's the right time, here's how to get off your parents policy.

Will my parents car insurance go up if I move to another state but stay on their insurance policy?

If you move to another state temporarily but you don't take one of the cars listed on the policy with you, no, their insurance rates should not go up. If you're a college or graduate student, though, they may be eligible for the "student away at school" discount. Their insurance agent can check for them. The rationale is that since you're away most of the year, you're not driving the cars at home as much as you would if you lived there year round.

However, if you move to another state temporarily and take one of your parents' cars with you, they need to call their agent to get their policy updated with the new garaging address. Whether this increases or decreases the price of the policy depends on if you move to a higher or lower insurance cost area.

How do I prove that I'm living away from my parents temporarily to their car insurance company?

The real answer is you likely won't have to, except in two situations:

  1. If you qualify for the student living away from home discount or the good student discount, you may need to provide proof of your grades or enrollment.
  2. If you get in a crash, you will likely have to prove you have moved temporarily, not permanently, as part of the claims process.
This is general information based on questions our customers ask us. It may not be right for your specific situation. You should get some advice from a licensed insurance agent (like us!) before you make a decision on your own insurance.